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We manage vegetation to enhance reliability, safety

Crews work year around to keep our distribution system free of hazards and obstructions, but a critical component of that work occurs from June through September.

Selective herbicide treatments keep the power line corridors accessible so crews can perform routine maintenance and make repairs in the event of an outage. The use of approved herbicides is the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage brush within electric distribution line corridors.

Herbicide applications are performed by certified contractors according to strict guidelines. We use the Integrated Vegetation Management methods recommended by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign. The practices promote the growth of grasses, wildflowers and other low-growing plant communities, which establishes diverse habitats important for wildlife and pollinators. 

Approximately 875 miles of corridor are scheduled for herbicide application this summer. We notify you by letter if work will occur in your neighborhood. More information is available in the Trees and Lines section of our website or by calling ECE Forestry Services at 1-866-293-9068. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding as this important work is completed.

Map of 2018 project areas

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