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Save money with storage water heating

What would you gain by replacing that faithful old water heater in your basement with a new, energy-efficient electric storage water heater? Money in your pocket is the answer, and here’s why:

  • A $500 rebate is available on a new high-efficient storage water heater purchased from ECE. With its lifetime warranty, it will be the last water heater you may ever have to buy.
  • You’ll pay much less per month to heat your water on our off-peak rate of 5.3 cents per kWh than you do if you’re using a propane water heater. A family of four, paying $2 per gallon for propane and using 23 gallons per month, would save over $22 per month.
  • If you use natural gas to heat your water, an electric water heater on the off-peak rate would provide a small reduction in your water heating cost.
  • Using an electric water heater that’s not on our off-peak rate, you pay 12.49 cents per kWh, or $49.96 for 400 kWh. On the off-peak storage water heating rate of 5.3 cents per kWh, you pay $21.20 for 400 kWh of water heating.
  • Water heating can account for 14-25 percent of your energy use. Reducing the cost can noticeably reduce your energy bill.

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