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Q&A: Storage Water Heating

Milt GundersonHot water is essential for clean dishes and an enjoyable shower. Did you know water heaters also account for nearly 17% of a home’s energy use? We asked Milt Gunderson, Energy Services Specialist, to tell us about energy-saving storage water heating. 

What is storage water heating?
This is the program we offer members to reduce the cost of heating water for your home. It allows you to heat your water for eight hours during overnight hours and supplies sufficient hot water to meet your needs throughout the day. Even better, you’ll enjoy a rate of 5.3¢ per kilowatt hour (kWh), rather than the normal winter energy rate of 12.49¢/kWh.  

How does a storage water heater actually work?
It all comes down to science and the way that cold and hot water naturally interact. When cold water enters the tank, any warm water will naturally rise to the top of the unit. That’s why water heaters have a dip tube to direct the incoming cold water to the bottom, and the hot water gets pushed out the pipe at the top. A storage water heater is simply a large water heater.

How can I keep my storage water heater in good condition?
This is a great question, and one we receive often. Rust will damage your system and decrease its life span. Flush the tank every six months to eliminate sediment and mineral deposits. Keep the tank clean and dry; any moisture on or around the tank should be investigated and corrected. 

Questions? We’re always happy to help. Call your energy experts at 1.800.254.7944. 

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