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Look up before you lift: Take the right steps to safety

Home projects often require a ladder. Before you make the climb, we urge you to take these steps to stay safe:

  • Always look up and look out for overhead power lines or equipment.
  • Keep yourself and ladders far away, at least 10 feet in all directions, at all times, from power lines, including service lines.
  • Carry ladders horizontally.
  • Make sure the area above the ladder is clear before placing it upright.
  • Long ladders may be unwieldy, so ask for help in carrying and setting them up.
  • Always make sure the ladder is on a solid, level surface before attempting to climb.
  • Inspect the ladder before and after use to make sure there is no damage that could put users in danger.

Always remember, it is never safe to touch a power line. Any coating on the lines is for weather protection, not protection from electricity. 

Always take time to look up, look out and live!

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