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ECE's first after-hours dispatcher signs off

When Terry Parson signed up for electric service in August 1981, he remembers being asked to fill out an application for membership. 

“I told her, ‘A member of what?’” Terry chuckles. “Obviously I had no concept of a cooperative or what the future had in store.”

Two years later, he was not only a member, but an employee as well. He worked as a dispatcher (now titled as a Distribution System Operator, or DSO), then moved to the tree-trimming crew, left in 1986 to teach in Mora, and returned to ECE in 2002 to resume his position as a DSO.

Terry credits former colleague Norman Ceaglske as a positive influence in his early career. “Norman had lots of great advice for me as a new guy and a new father. He was always a straight shooter and had a way of training that made the lesson stick.”

What does retirement look like? He plans to sleep late for exactly one day before resuming work on his hobby farm. Reading, hunting, and fishing are also high on the list. More than anything, he’s looking forward to traveling with his wife, Linda, and staying close to his three grown daughters.

“Who knew signing up for electricity would change the course of my life? What a difference this cooperative has made for me and my family.” 

Terry and Linda Parson
Terry and Linda Parson

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