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Director nominations open in districts 1, 3, and 6

You have a voice in the operation of your electric cooperative. It’s rooted in the Second Cooperative Principle, Democratic Member Control, and apparent in the work of the ECE Board of Directors. ECE Directors oversee the co-op’s operations, ensuring that your interests are represented in every decision made.

Members who live in districts 1, 3 and 6 will elect directors to the ECE Board in 2018.

In district 1, Diane Zimmerman’s four-year term expires. Also in district 1, a two-year term, which became open with the resignation of Mike Kapalin, will be filled. For the district 1 2018 election, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes will serve the four-year term, and the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes will serve the remaining two years of the other open seat.

In district 3, Don Swanson’s four-year term expires.

In district 6, the seat held by Bob Kaeter since 1979 will be open. Bob has decided not to seek re-election.

How to become a nominee for a seat on the board
The ECE Bylaws specify eligibility requirements nominees must meet. For a full-text version of the bylaws, call ECE or visit our website.

Nomination packet and deadline
Members who live in districts 1, 3, and 6 who are interested in becoming a nominee may contact ECE Executive Administrator Julie Johnson at 1-800-254-7944, ext. 8046, for a director nomination packet. Interested members may also Contact Us online to request a packet. The packet must be completed and returned to Julie Johnson at Braham Headquarters by 10 a.m. Feb. 20, 2018. All nominees will be notified by letter regarding the status of their candidacy.

ECE retains the services of Survey and Ballot Systems to conduct the election. The entire election process is overseen by the co-op members who serve on the Credentials and Election Committee.


District map 1, 3, 6



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