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Cost Saving Programs for your business

East Central Energy can help your business select the most efficient energy systems. There are many ways you can save on energy costs with our customizable programs, efficiency rebates and incentive. Learn more about Commercial and Industrial programs.

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), also know as geothermal heat pumps are electrically powered systems that tap the stored energy of the earth. Learn more

Premium-Efficiency Motors and Variable Frequency Drives
Are motors part of your business? Did you know you can save money and energy by changing the speed of the motor as the load on the motor changes? Learn more

Commercial Lighting
Lighting accounts for more than 40% of commercial sector electricity consumption in the U.S. Designing and implementing an effiecient lighting system can help your business. Learn more

Cooling Efficiency
Did you know that cooling and ventilation use about 20 percent of the energy in buildings nationwide? Whether you're installing cooling in a new facility, replacing a dated or unreliable system, or upgrading to a higher efficiency model, you'll benefit from immediate savings on the the new equipment through and energy rebate. Learn more

Electric Forklift
Electric forklifts offer lower operating and maintenance costs than diesel or propane and offer improved health and safety conditions, particularly with indoor use. Learn more

Energy efficiency for your farm. Water heating systems, energy efficient fans, dairy farming. Learn more

When you’re looking to improve, the first question you or your management might ask is, “How are we doing?” The next is, “how do we know?”

Benchmarking helps you answer these important questions. Put simply, benchmarking is the process of comparing your energy performance to something similar. “Something similar” might be internal, like performance at the same time last year. Or it might be external, like performance compared to similar facilities elsewhere.

Learn more about benchmarking for your business at

East Central energy is looking out for your business. We will not only give you expert advise you can trust, but we will also help you pay for your energy-efficient improvements. Learn more

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