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Board of Directors

Individuals who serve on the ECE Board of Directors possess a sincere interest in their cooperative and the willingness to work with others to ensure its strong future. They are available to participate in meetings and special events and to represent the cooperative at other functions as needed. They are accessible to the members whom they represent.


Interested in becoming a board member?
Our service territory is divided by population into six director districts, each of which is represented by two qualified directors. Director terms are four years.

Some of the board’s responsibilities include determining the strategic direction of the cooperative; working with management to develop annual operating budgets; and establishing rules that guide the cooperative; such as the articles of incorporation and bylaws, and board policies.

A member wishing to become a candidate for the ECE Board of Directors must file an Affidavit of Eligibility and be nominated through a petition signed by at least 25 members within his/her district. This petition must be forwarded to the ECE Headquarters in Braham by a specified date, which changes annually. Nominees will be notified of their eligibility following the Credentials and Election (C&E) Committee meeting that is typically held in February. Article IV of the ECE Bylaws specifies the eligibility requirements nominees must meet.

Call 1-800-254-7944 for more information.

ECE Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws


Voting in an election
Voting is easier than ever. In fact, we offer three options: voting via traditional mail-in paper ballot, online through our website, and via smartphone by scanning a quick response (QR) barcode.

At least two weeks before the annual election date of the cooperative, ballots are mailed to each member in the voting districts. Each candidate’s biographical information and photograph are included with the ballot. This information is also included on the electronic voting platforms.

ECE does not participate in the tabulation of the ballots. All responses are tallied by a third-party election management provider, to handle all voting procedures with efficiency, security and integrity. Election results are certified by the C&E Committee and announced before the close of the annual business meeting.

Questions about voting? Contact us at 1-800-254-7944.

Directors and Districts

Click on the number of the district on map to view information about ECE Directors and Districts.
East Central Energy District Borders (Effective Jan. 01, 2003)

District 1  
Diane Zimmerman

Diane Zimmerman

Greg Kvasnicka

Greg Kvasnicka
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer


District 2  

Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie K. Johnson

David Deutschlander

David Deutschlander


District 3  

Wayne Eller

Wayne Eller
Vice Chair


Rick Olson Rick Olson


District 4  

Joe Morley

Joe Morley

Gary Bye

Garry Bye


District 5  

Jerry Tvedt

Jerry Tvedt 

Linda Laitala

Linda Laitala
Board Chair



District 6  

Wes Siemers

Wes Siemers

Jim Jesok

Jim Jesok


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